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The team at The Franchise Doctor offers turn-key development services to get you prepared to franchise your business quickly and at prices you can afford. You can be meeting with buyers within 60 days! Whether during a recession or an expansion, many Americans are seeking a franchise of their own to allow them to earn a higher income while enjoying self-employment. They recognize that taking charge of their own career is their best solution for reaching higher income and job security. The Franchise Doctor is uniquely qualified to help you serve this market. We are a small business like you and we understand your need to use a cost-effective consulting firm. We seek to partner with a small number of clients and provide the necessary Franchise Agreements, Franchise Disclosure Documents and Training Manuals to help you achieve your goals through franchising.

There are several companies that offer to help you get your business ready to franchise. What makes The Franchise Doctor’s team your best choice?

  • We understand that differentiation is important. Together, we’ll create a unique franchise system to make the benefits clearly evident to the buyers you recruit. Because we talk to buyers daily, we’re uniquely qualified to help you build a win/win relationship with your future team players.
  • We will complete your manuals and documents quickly.
  • You’ll learn our proven methods for Advertising for Buyers, Qualifying Callers and Selling your Franchises. How you use the legal contracts as a sales tool will help you close more deals than your competition.
  • We sell franchises for you, on a commission basis.
  • You’ll work with only one member of our team–to ensure a smooth, time-efficient project.
  • You determine the payment plan and the delivery schedule. We can have you working with buyers in 8 weeks or 12 months and your monthly investment adjusts according to your goals.

Our typical program includes:

  • A Feasibility Study to verify that your business is ready to duplicate.
  • Helping you formulate Franchise Policies where you decide what services you’ll offer your franchisees, what rules you’ll impose, and, most importantly, what franchise fees and royalties you’ll charge. This is where we differentiate you from other franchise systems.
  • Development of the Franchise Disclosure Document and the Franchise Agreement which are required by the Federal Trade Commission. These documents explain the details of the franchise being offered and ensures that buyers will understand the terms of the relationship — before they sign.
  • Creation of your Operations Manuals — the tools used for training each new franchisee — they contain your trade secrets.
  • Production of a Franchise Sales & Marketing Plan.
  • Training for your staff in the best techniques for selling franchises, for generating franchise buyer leads, and the latest, most-effective closing techniques.
  • FranchiseFit Entrepreneurial Reports to “screen in” the best franchise partners. This assessment tool will help you choose only franchisees who can succeed in your growing “family.”
  • Selling Franchises for You on the Franchise Doctor’s website. We’ll generate unique leads and walk them through the process of signing your agreement on a “pay-for-performance basis.”
  • An Automated Franchisee Data Collection System. We help you choose for an independent software company to set you and your franchisees up on a web-based “Management Dashboard System” to track their Sales, Costs, Profits and Royalties Due. We’ll work with you to determine what needs to be tracked in your system.
  • One Year of Free Consulting. We provide ongoing advice and franchise consulting without billing you for the first year of your franchise program.
The Franchise Doctor deals with franchise buyers on a daily basis. This prepares us to help you develop a franchise package that can be sold to your target group of prospects. Our clients average first year return on investment exceeds 3.1 times their development costs. Are you ready to start reaping the rewards of your hard work? We are willing to provide our Franchise Development consulting services at fees far below market prices in order to gain more inventory to sell through The Franchise Doctor’s website on a commission basis.

Begin a partnership with The Franchise Doctor today!

Our program is unique because:

  • We can have you meeting with Franchise Buyers in only 6 weeks!
  • We actually sell franchises for you.
  • Our fees are the lowest in the industry! Most of our clients recover their franchise development costs within 6 months of our completing their program.
  • Your payments are spread over the time of the development project--which you have the power to adjust to your needs.
  • Preparing a successful franchise program cannot be a do-it-yourself project or delegated to amateurs. The Franchise Doctor has helped dozens of companies improve their profitability by becoming franchisors.
Jim Deitz is a true pleasure to deal with. He is forthright, honest, and hardworking. When I hired Jim I got what I expected: a knowledgeable franchise expert. However, I also got an invaluable member of our team whom I still rely on for great advice.
Jim Muelhausen, President CEO Focus