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The Franchise Doctor’s Speaking Engagements

September 23, 2011

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS Preparing for your future: Investing significant sums in a franchise of your own should not be taken lightly. We strongly suggest that you begin an extensive review of opportunities that may be of interest to you. Over the years, we have discovered that the majority of franchise companies’ stories are much different than …read more


September 22, 2011

UNDERSTANDING THE FRANCHISE DISCLOSURE DOCUMENT In a recent survey of our readers, many requested that we provide deeper insight into the Franchise Offering Circular that must be provided to each buyer. This document includes several important sections that help a prospect gain a great deal of knowledge about the franchising company. The major portion of …read more


August 19, 2011

ENDING THE DREAMING STAGE Everyone dreams of owning their own business. “Firing their boss,” “breaking through the glass ceiling,” “earning what they’re worth,” “building an equity,” and “taking charge of their financial future,” are all motivations commonly cited by people as they begin their search. Unfortunately, many never achieve their goal and spend their careers …read more

How to Find Your Perfect Fit in Franchising

July 17, 2011

While the product or service sold, the training, the marketing and advertising are critical to a new franchisee’s accomplishments, the most important ingredient is still the ability of the franchise owner. Most people considering buying their first franchise spend a lot of time fighting self-doubt and fear of failure. The stakes are high and everyone you care …read more

Matching Your Franchise to Your Hometown

June 28, 2011

When shopping for a franchise of your own, it is critical that you compare your town with the cities where successful franchises are now operating. Ask the franchisor how small a marketplace they feel is necessary. Many of us are happy to live in small towns for the quality of life. If less than 50,000 …read more


April 28, 2011

Good Reading How to Find Your Perfect Fit in Franchising is an article written by The Franchise Doctor and published in BIZ magazine in September. It discusses ways to match your core behavioral traits to the franchise industry and specific franchise system where you will find your Natural Fit. When you feel “in the zone,” …read more


February 7, 2011

GET YOUR FREE FRANCHISEFIT ENTREPRENEURIAL MATRIX We’ve spent months evaluating different assessment tools and now the FranchiseFit Matrix is posted on The Franchise Doctor’s website The FranchiseFit Entrepreneurial Survey for FREE! Spend 10 minutes answering 48 questions truthfully and press the Submit key. In less than 30 seconds you’ll have the Matrix on your screen. …read more


January 11, 2011

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS STARTING ON A NEW PATH Beginning a new year gets most of us evaluating our lives and making plans for improvement. We often suggest the Ben Franklin Method of evaluating opportunities: Grab a pad of paper and write “Pro” on the top left corner and “Con” on the top right. Then list …read more

How Your EQ Predicts Your Future Success

December 13, 2010

How Your EQ Predicts Your Future Success by Bruce King & Jim Deitz Reprinted from BIZ Magazine Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is defined as one’s mastery of the five elements of: Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Motivation, Empathy and Social Skills. Choosing the franchise system that will help you reach your true potential is a challenge for almost every …read more


December 10, 2010

SPECIAL CHRISTMAS GIFT OFFER!! The ideal gift “For the Person Who Wants Everything:” The Franchise Doctor’s ebook, Insider’s Secrets to Buying a Franchise–at Half Price!! Readers and critics alike are agreeing that Insider’s Secrets contains information never before found in print. Step-by-step instructions on how to find a franchise that meets your personal and financial …read more

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