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Interested in Selling Franchises Based on

Your Current Business?

Learn What to Look For When Choosing a Franchise Development Company…

What’s Important to You? We Invite You To Compare Our Development Programs With Others
✔ Reasonable Costs We offer a wide variety of services at a la carte prices that you can afford. Services start at $3,500 and turn-key development packages are $45,000 or less. We also offer financing alternatives to fit your needs.
✔ Quick Turn-Around In most instances, we can have your critical documents ready for you to meet with buyer prospects within 6 or 7 weeks of starting your project and we can complete a turn-key program in 90 days.
✔ Complete Packages or A La Carte Programs Choose an a la carte service or two or switch to a complete package if you change your mind.
✔ Help with Franchise Sales The Franchise Doctor’s site is visited by many people interested in buying a franchise. We’ll guide these prospects toward your concept while you and your team work with buyers you develop.
✔ No Hidden Fees In our first call, we’ll explain all the costs you can expect before you sign up your first franchisees. All our services are at fixed rates so you are never blind-sided or wonder if hourly billing is really legit.
✔ No Ongoing Hooks… We guarantee our clients the fees we’ll charge when we update your documents annually to meet government regulations. Again, “hourly billing” is not in our vocabulary.
✔ Free Financing… You control the payment terms. We spread the payments over the time of your project–without interest or penalty.
✔ A Development Company Based on Honesty & Integrity We don’t mislead or “forget” to disclose hidden costs. We just answer your questions in a straight-forward manner based on the latest regulations and trends in the franchise industry.
✔ Deal with the Principals of the Firm Jim Deitz and Joe McCord have been active in franchising since the ‘80’s and one or the other will be the individual to guide you through the process. You won’t be besieged by 5 to 10 “staffers or associates” who have many questions but very little experience to add to the project.
✔ Many Clients Willing to Share their Experience It’s always good to get a second (or third) opinion. We’ll supply a list of past customers who would be happy to discuss their experience in dealing with The Franchise Doctor.
✔ Guarantee: Your Final Payment Isn’t Due Until You’re Satisfied Clients aren’t asked to make their final payment until their project is done and their documents complete–to their satisfaction.
✔ No Equity or Long-Term Liabilities We never ask for equity in your company or demand payments for franchises that you sell.
✔ We Teach You to Keep Expenses Low We help you reserve cash as you start up and gain traction.
✔ Each Client Receives Unique Documents Custom to their Business Model Your goals and the specifics of your industry are too important to you to accept template-created documents that typically ignore items that may be critical to the success of your franchise system or expose you to litigation.

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