Now Earn $3,500

Earn $3,500 Just for Introducing Us to One Business in Your Town!
No Sales Skills Required.

You can earn $3,500 by being the next person to introduce a company to The Franchise Doctor’s services. You just ask them if they’ve ever considered franchising their business as a way to reach their goals.

This program is entirely Free to you. No “Start-up Fees,” No “Marketing Materials,” etc.

You probably visit many small businesses each week. We’d like to talk to their owners about helping them become franchisors. If it seems like a concept that can grow through franchising, we’ll pay fees to you for referring a future franchisor to us. Our regular referral fees are $1,000 to $2,000 for each company that engages us to be their consulting firm. However, we’ll be paying $3,500 for the next successful referral and $2,500 for the second to sign up with us.

The Franchise Doctor has helped dozens of companies improve their profitability by becoming franchisors and we’ve helped hundreds find, and buy, the best franchise for their needs, Now We’re Ready to Help You.

Who’s a prospect for you to approach?

If you know a great restaurant, retailer or service business in your community, ask the owner if he/she has ever considered selling franchises to their concept. Many have been misled to believe that it costs $100,000 to $250,000 to get started in franchising. Our clients almost always sell their first unit before they’ve invested $40,000 in the project. They then sell 3, 5, 10 or more units in their first year–giving them a great return on their investment!

Talk to your friends, local businesses, vendors and business clients, then you’ll know you should be on our team as a referral source.

You could easily earn $250 per minute just for talking. Ten minutes asking a local merchant if they’d like to explore franchising their company with one of the best Franchise Consulting Firms in the US and then just a few minutes giving us the details. Then, you just wait by your mailbox.

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Keep your day job, keep searching for a better job, buy a franchise of your own. Just accept this “franchise job” by networking to those you know and local businessmen who may have thought franchising their business is too expensive. Now you can have some serious extra income each year by just sending us 2 or 3 prospects who decide to engage our services.

Here’s the type of praise our clients share: “Jim is a true pleasure to deal with. He is forthright, honest, and hardworking. When I hired Jim I got what I expected: a knowledgeable franchise expert. However, I also got an invaluable member for our team whom I still rely on for great advice.” Jim Muelhausen, President, CEO Focus

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We do not expect you to make a sale of any kind. Just talk to people about how The Franchise Doctor can help them achieve their goals through franchising. When we sign on a client that you refer to us, we’ll start forwarding your referral fees with the full $3,500 typically paid over 90 days–as we collect payments from the client.

What could $3,500, $2,500 or even $2,000 mean to your family budget??

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