Feasibility Study Contest Questionnaire

In order to judge your entry in the contest, we need a clearer understanding of your business.

As we will be corresponding by mail and phone, please take the time to answer these questions. Remember, our deadline is June 30, 2012. If a question does not apply, please insert “NA” to indicate same. If a query seems unclear, please call.

Please Provide Data from your HQ-Owned Businesses Calendar Year Income Statements:

For the Year Ending 12/31/11:

For the Year Ending 12/31/12:

For the Year Ending 12/31/13:

*If you have multiple units, please average the Sales and Expenses of your units. If they vary widely, you may include Sales per unit and any explanation in the Comments Section. (ie: our best unit’s sales were $1.1 million in 2011 while our lowest was $785,000)
**How many invoices (cash register rings) per location on average annually
*** Average purchase per customer per transaction (or visit)

Provide Data for Projected Income Statements for a New Franchisee:

For a New Franchise, please estimate their First 12 Months

For a New Franchise, please estimate their Second 12 Months

For a New Franchise, please estimate their Third 12 Months