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Take The Franchise Doctor’s Free Entrepreneurial Survey!

The FranchiseFit Entrepreneurial Survey will give you insights into yourself and help you choose the type of franchise system where you’ll get off to a quick start–and thrive!!

Your future is too important to risk a mistake. The Franchise Doctor has arranged for this survey to help you improve your odds…for FREE!!

You only need 10 minutes to answer 48 questions, submit them to The Franchise Doctor and, within a minute, you’ll receive your FranchiseFit Entrepreneurial Matrixreport for Free!! The results will help you identify potential red flags that could undermine your success in franchising and entrepreneurship.

Remember the role played by Robert Redford in the movie, “The Natural?” Hitting home runs came so naturally to him, that they gave him the nickname that became the title of the movie. You have behavioral traits that will make you a “natural” when you find the franchise system that rewards your unique mix.

What Will Your Free FranchiseFit Entrepreneurial Matrix Reveal?

  1. What are your natural personality competencies? How will these affect your day-to-day management of your franchise?
  2. What areas of your franchise should you outsource or hire employees to handle?
  3. What types of franchise functions should you avoid entirely?

Below is The Franchise Doctor’s scoring. Can you see areas that indicate he’d have problems fitting into a franchise system?

Extrovert Balanced Introvert
Conforming Balanced Innovative
Independent Balanced Complying
Collaborating Balanced Prevailing
Orderly Balanced Responsive
Emotional Balanced Self-Controlled

What will your FranchiseFit Entrepreneurial Matrix reveal about you? What aspects of your personality have been mismatched to your previous jobs–almost guaranteeing under achievement and unhappiness? What traits have never been tapped that could result in your reaching your life goals?

If you like what you learn from your Matrix, you’ll be “only a click away” from obtaining an in-depth, 18 to 20 page report identifying your suitability for 11 specific job activities that are common in most franchise systems.

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