Invest in a Custom Franchise Review

Are You Comfortable Making One of the Most Important Decisions of Your Life?

The Franchise Review is Your Solution.

Buying a franchise was described by one of our clients as “The most Gut-wrenching decision I’ve ever made!” Like you, he was weighing his future: Should he give up his career of many years? Walk away from his insurance and retirement programs? Forfeit his seniority? Join a new field, as a “rookie” with no guarantee of future income or stability? Bet his financial security on a business partner he’s paying for help?

Fortunately, this client made the right decision and, ten years later, he is enjoying strong growth and a high personal income… All without the extensive travel of his previous job and the corporate politics he detested.

Studies show that not all franchise buyers are as pleased with their purchases. Some discover that they have purchased a job description much different than they intended. Others find that the local demand for their products or services is dramatically less than in other cities. Many realize that their personal income has plateaued much below their expectations. Others are working much longer hours than they’d projected in order to achieve acceptable results.

To help take the “guesswork” out of buying a franchise, The Franchise Doctor has developed the Franchise Review to provide in-depth, critical insights into any franchise system that a buyer selects.

What Will You Learn from Your Custom-Designed Franchise Review?

  • 25 Questions you should ask existing franchisees
  • 10 Questions that may make the franchisor’s salesperson squirm, but need to be asked
  • The most critical statement you must make to franchise management before you invest
  • 6 Personal traits critical to your success
  • 3 Financial strategies that will protect your family’s future
  • The number 1 benefit offered by many of today’s fastest growing franchisors that may predict your ultimate failure.
  • What “special stipulations” within the franchise license can you hope to obtain?
  • As a franchise, how will you spend your days (and nights)?

Our review is custom tailored to address issues specifically important to you, the client. We’re confident our Franchise Review will give you the most valuable, critical viewpoint into your potential investment–sometimes positive, sometimes negative. Nowhere else can you receive this type of input for even twice the price of only $5,000. All of these reviews are prepared personally by Jim Deitz or Joe McCord, our two Franchise Doctors.

When you engage The Franchise Doctor, you will be asked specific questions about your work history, your investment capabilities, your income expectations and the level of your knowledge about the franchise that you plan to purchase. Critical assessments are made regarding your personal goals:

  • Do you plan to own multiple units?
  • Grow and sell your franchise?
  • Build a business to encompass other family members?

To help take the “guesswork” out of buying a franchise, we have developed the Franchise Review to provide in-depth, critical insights into any franchise system that a buyer selects.

When preparing your Franchise Review your analyst will create a written report providing specific insights to help you reach the best decision. Your Franchise Review report will include:

  • Our personal investigation of the franchise system you select
  • Research of the industry and profitability ratios when possible
  • An estimate of the level of competition in your area
  • A suggested a job description for the system
  • Details on competing franchise systems, when available
  • A professional personality profile will be prepared for you and reviewed by your analyst focusing on traits that will help or hinder your development of a successful venture.
  • Comments on the franchisor’s Franchise Disclosure Document including notations on its fee structure, its historical relationship with its franchisees, and its financial stability in relation to other companies in the industry.
  • Suggestions on sources of loans that may help you leverage your purchase.
  • A summation of findings including estimates of first year Sales and Profitability, recommendations for your investment in, or rejection of, the target franchise.

Before you invest $20,000 to $250,000 in your business venture, engage The Franchise Doctor and put our 30-year backgrounds in banking, finance, entrepreneurship and franchising to work on your team. You’ll learn a great deal more about your venture and you’ll be better prepared to make the right buying decision.

Call The Franchise Doctor today at 800-220-8256 to discuss your needs.

Invest $5,000 to investigate your future franchise partner. Your odds of avoiding a disaster will increase. Your self-doubt will decrease, you’ll feel better about your decision, and you’ll sleep better, too!