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The Franchise Doctor’s Franchise Fit Entrepreneurial Survey

Free FranchiseFit Entrepreneurial Survey

Review your personal FranchiseFit Entrepreneurial Report and
you will have a much clearer understanding of your probable success as a franchisee.
In addition, you will recognize which of your innate performance traits
make you a "natural fit" in certain franchise systems, but not in others.
Choosing an industry that will be the best for you…based on your personality style
and your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) will greatly improve your chances
of reaching your goals–and enjoying the work.
Please fill in the details, answer all the questions and submit the survey to us.

We must ask that you provide your name, address, phone and email address.
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This information is confidential and will never be sold or given away for any reason.
You can also un-subscribe if you ever want.

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Read each statement carefully. Select the response that most closely matches your feelings, attitudes, or actions. There are no right or wrong answers and your first impulse is usually the most accurate. Work quickly without stopping to analyze each response. Have fun and be sure to complete all 48 questions. Place a check mark in the box of the response you select. This exercise will take about fifteen minutes.

For the best results, limit your "Sometimes" responses to a total of ten or less.

1. I would rather stay home than go out with friends. Yes No Sometimes
2. I read the directions before putting something together. Yes No Sometimes
3. I allow people to cut ahead of me in line. Yes No Sometimes
4. I prefer to serve on committees. Yes No Sometimes
5. The best vacations are planned out in advance. Yes No Sometimes
6. Trusting others is difficult. Yes No Sometimes
7. I tend to keep quiet when out with people I do not know well. Yes No Sometimes
8. I feel that strict guidelines make for better decisions. Yes No Sometimes
9. People say I don’t rock the boat. Yes No Sometimes
10. After a job well done, everyone should get the same rewards. Yes No Sometimes
11. People say I am a perfectionist. Yes No Sometimes
12. I am described as carefree. Yes No Sometimes
13. I am at ease entering a room where most people are strangers. Yes No Sometimes
14. All things equal, I’ll choose to go where I’ve never been before. Yes No Sometimes
15. People say I am a person who must have his own way. Yes No Sometimes
16. When things go wrong, people should share the blame. Yes No Sometimes
17. I enjoy taking care of details. Yes No Sometimes
18. I find myself tense under pressure. Yes No Sometimes
19. I like to take risks. Yes No Sometimes
20. There is a right way to do things. Yes No Sometimes
21. I am comfortable making decisions for others. Yes No Sometimes
22. Keeping score makes games more fun. Yes No Sometimes
23. I arrive early for meetings. Yes No Sometimes
24. I question other people’s motives. Yes No Sometimes

Remember to limit your "Sometimes" responses to a total of ten or less.

25. I like to tell jokes. Yes No Sometimes
26. I like to take shortcuts in my work. Yes No Sometimes
27. I make decisions slowly. Yes No Sometimes
28. I enjoy being singled out from the group. Yes No Sometimes
29. I am uncomfortable working without a plan. Yes No Sometimes
30. Things always work out for the best. Yes No Sometimes
31. I like to be the life of the party. Yes No Sometimes
32. People say I am predictable. Yes No Sometimes
33. I am content to let things happen. Yes No Sometimes
34. Group decisions produce the best results. Yes No Sometimes
35. I like it when friends drop by unexpectedly. Yes No Sometimes
36. It takes time for me to recover from a disappointing setback. Yes No Sometimes
37. Listening is more fun for me than talking. Yes No Sometimes
38. Policies fail because there are exceptions to every rule. Yes No Sometimes
39. I am at my best supporting a good leader. Yes No Sometimes
40. It’s important to listen to everyone’s viewpoint before deciding. Yes No Sometimes
41. I feel that it is difficult to be on time. Yes No Sometimes
42. One look tells you how I feel. Yes No Sometimes
43. I prefer solitary activities. Yes No Sometimes
44. I like an established routine. Yes No Sometimes
45. I prefer to ask for forgiveness rather than ask for permission. Yes No Sometimes
46. It is important for me to win even if the team loses. Yes No Sometimes
47. I cannot get things done with a cluttered desk. Yes No Sometimes
48. I worry that I am not doing enough. Yes No Sometimes

Remember to limit your "Sometimes" responses to a total of ten or less.

Upon submission of this information, you will receive your customized FranchiseFit Entrepreneurial Matrix on you screen. You should print that screen for further review and consideration. Also, if you have questions or comments for The Franchise Doctor, the scoring on the Matrix page will be most valuable to our discussion. You may also decide to rename and save that file on your computer for future reference.


This Survey has been especially customized for
The Franchise Doctor, Inc.
Jim Deitz, President
300 Center Drive, Suite G171
Louisville, Colorado 80027
303 242-5868
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Last Revised July 29, 2014

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