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Thanks for Serving Our Country!

I hope you’ve heard these words from hundreds of Americans before, but The Franchise Doctor would like to show you our appreciation for your service by giving you a Free copy of our ebook, Insiders’ Secrets to Buying a Franchise.

Free Help for Veterans Interested in Franchise Ownership

Whether you’ve completed your service or you’re still on active duty, we hope you’ll consider franchise ownership as way to earn a great living while you build your net worth in the city of your choice. We know that the economy is tough right now and you may be finding it hard to “land on your feet” after serving.

The great news is, several franchisors are currently offering veterans discounts, special financing arrangements and other deals.

For a limited time you can receive our ebook, Insiders’ Secrets to Buying a Franchise Free! No Cost, No Obligation, No Catches.

While several franchise companies are currently offering significant discounts to veterans of service in Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s critical that you’re not lured just by savings but by your confidence that you’ll find the self-satisfaction and income that you are seeking. Our book can help you achieve these goals.

Everything you need to know about franchising is contained in this 124 page (8 1/2 X11) book.
In fact, most of our readers have found that it contains answers to 100 Percent of their questions!

Even though we’ve sold thousands of copies at $27.50, we’ll like to give you a free copy as a small token of our appreciation for serving. In this economy, the news is reporting that many vets are having a hard time finding a job that will help them get re-adjusted to civilian life. We hope you’ll read the book, take the challenge of entrepreneurship, and call us for assistance in finding the best franchise for you and your family.

This book is a “brain dump” of 30 years of Jim Deitz’s experience helping people buy and sell franchises and small independent businesses plus the wisdom he’s gained from his association with hundreds of franchise industry professionals.

You’ve probably already discovered Jim’s brand of no nonsense advice on The Franchise Doctor’s website. The answer to your need for more detailed information is now just one click away!

If you find the right franchise system, you know intuitively that you can succeed. We guarantee that this information will have you on the right track after a few short hours of reading and research.

Insiders’ Secrets to Buying a Franchise will teach you:

  • If franchising is the answer to your career and investment needs
  • How to find the funds necessary
  • Where to look for the best opportunity for you
  • What the future holds for franchising
  • When is the best time to get started
  • Why franchisees are some of the happiest workers in the country

Most importantly, you’ll learn a step-by-step process for cutting through the marketing message to verify the “true story” about any franchise system!

All you have to do to receive your free copy of Insiders’ Secrets is to complete the form below and we’ll promptly email you instructions for downloading your copy. You can feel safe that we’ll never sell or share your contact details with anyone unless we’re authorized by you.

In a few days, we’ll follow up to see if you’ve had a chance to read the book and if you have any questions about Franchising that we can answer. If you’re serious about investing in a franchise soon, we’ll do our best to help you find the best franchise system for you.

Veterans, Obtain Your Free Copy of “Insiders’ Secrets to Buying a Franchise” Here

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Not sure you need our $27.50 ebook, even if it’s FREE?? Keep Reading…

Each year, many clients engage The Franchise Doctor to research and write a customized Franchise Review for them when they identify their target franchise system. Even though these reviews now cost $3,500 each, we have had to turn down many requests because of other commitments. Insiders’ Secrets teaches you how to complete your own Franchise Review.

In the book, we reveal extensive instructions on exactly how The Franchise Doctor would:

  • Research the industry
  • Investigate the franchise system
  • Verify that you are well-suited for the position of franchise owner, and
  • Confirm that the earnings potential of your franchise will meet your needs.

If you are willing to invest your time in this do-it-yourself project, you’ll be able to save thirty-five hundred dollars, just by following the steps you’ll learn in Insiders’ Secrets to Buying a Franchise.

In case you’ve got a question that we didn’t anticipate, we offer you the opportunity to e-mail or call The Franchise Doctor with your special question and get a response almost immediately (within 48 hours if research is needed)! This is an unbelievable opportunity since The Franchise Doctor normally charges $200 per hour for consultation. However, it’s our way of discovering points to cover in the next edition of Insiders’ Secrets.

Only an click away is a complete package of information that will help you reach a decision that’s perfect for you.

Here’s a sample of the Topics Covered:

  • What is the Best Industry for You?
  • How do You Find the Best Job Description for You?
  • How Much Can You Earn?
  • Steps for Creating a Customized Franchise Review.
  • What Franchise Systems will Work in Your City?
  • Who Will Help You Investigate Your Target Franchisor?
  • What’s normal in the Franchisor’s Franchise Disclosure Document? (Evaluated Section by Section.)
  • How to Find Financial Assistance.
  • When Should You Engage Outside Advisors?
  • When are You Prepared to Reach the Right Decision?

What readers are saying:

“Fantastic! Definitely the best information on franchise research available. I’ve read the book twice and I’m sure that the tips included will insure that I make the best choice for my situation.” – M.J. Kraft, Framingham, MA

“I wanted to take a moment to comment on the book that you provided entitled: “Insider’s Secrets to Buying a Franchise.” It was a tremendous help as I began researching the challenges of running a franchise. After having read the book, I was able to make personal contact with a couple of franchisees. The comments that I received from them in terms of “what to look out for” were totally in line with the advice set forth in your book. Additionally, when I attended my first Discovery Day and reviewed my first Circular I felt totally prepared and qualified to review the documents. Your book was instrumental in helping me through the decision-making process. I’m not out of the woods yet in terms of making a final decision. However, the book has made a complicated process much easier.” – D.L.Anderson, Vancouver, WA

“This information truly lives up to the name: ‘Insiders’ Secrets.’ I’ve been reading and investigating franchises for almost two years and no one has shared even half the great ideas contained in The Franchise Doctor’s material. Loved the quick email delivery, too!” – M. Wurzler, Buffalo, NY

“In our search, my husband and I had ruled out several companies because we didn’t understand just what the future held for their industry. After applying the knowledge we gained in ‘Insiders’ Secrets,’ we’re about to sign a franchise agreement, and we’ll be on our way. Thanks!” – J. Whipple, Philadelphia, PA

For a nominal investment you can greatly advance your knowledge of how to choose and buy a franchise with minimum risk and maximum potential. Get prepared to expand your family’s net worth exponentially!! When you’ve completed reading this material, you’ll feel you’ve just completed an MBA program in franchising.

Thanks to The Franchise Doctor, you may now obtain this compilation of Insiders’ Secrets to the franchise buying process, encompassing twenty-six chapters of critical information! (That’s over 120 pages when printed on 8 1/2 X 11 inch paper!)

In Summary

  • Don’t go it alone! You can have the advice and expertise of Franchise Industry Pros to refer to as you search for and evaluate the right franchise for you.
  • An attorney can help with legal matters, an accountant with financial details, but no one else has ever offered such critical information on how to reach the right decision!
  • “Insiders’ Secrets” helps you clearly understand the advantages and risks inherent in any franchise system.
    The Franchise Doctor explains, step-by-step, how to cut through the hype before you invest and risk discovering that your expectations are not being met!
  • Learn how to get dozens of “insiders” on your team–helping you decide what choice is the best to carry you to a new level of success!
  • Creating a Franchise Review, as taught in “Insiders’ Secrets,” will be an invaluable tool to get others on your team. Whether you need the cooperation of a banker, investor, partner, your spouse, or for your own peace of mind, a Franchise Review is a real asset.

The Value of This Material

While The Franchise Doctor has established a price for this unique material of $59, to date, we have sold thousands of copies of the electronic edition at our introductory price of “Insiders’ Secrets to Buying a Franchise” for $27.50! But Remember, this is absolutely Free for any US Veteran as our way of thanking you for your service.

P.S. If you register for this free material within the next 3 days, we will give you an Added Bonus: You will gain the benefit of having The Franchise Doctor directly answer one question that is not covered in this book. This is an invaluable additional learning tool that cannot be obtained anywhere else at any price.

P.S.S. As an Additional Benefit, if you register within 3 days of today’s date, we’ll include a collection of some of the best Franchise Doctor Newsletters published since 1996. This collection of excerpts from twenty of the best Newsletters published, may well contain a nugget of information that will assist you in your search. This Collection consists of over 60 pages of additional useful information in an electronic format.

And More!! If you’re thinking about investing in a franchise in the next 6 months, we’d love to discuss your goals with you. In you’ll fill out our short Investors Profile, we’ll even give you a full FranchiseFit Entrepreneurial Report-a $30 value. Follow this link for more details: Veterans Investor Profile

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