We’ve spent months evaluating different assessment tools and now the FranchiseFit Matrix is posted on The Franchise Doctor’s website The FranchiseFit Entrepreneurial Survey for FREE!

Spend 10 minutes answering 48 questions truthfully and press the Submit key. In less than 30 seconds you’ll have the Matrix on your screen. You’ll see where your strengths and weaknesses lie on six different traits that have been deemed critical to entrepreneurial success. You’ll also receive a list of job positions that you should avoid-because you’ll never excel the way you can when you match your strengths to a franchise system that capitalizes on your unique “personality skill set.”

If you recognize how accurate this Matrix is in discovering “what makes you tick,” we suggest that you purchase the full FranchiseFit Report. In approximately 20 pages, it will give you specific recommendations of how each of your six behavioral traits will impact your performance as an Entrepreneur and in 10 additional job functions that are critical to most franchise systems, including Management, Sales, Administration, Production, Technical Skills, Training, and more!

This report will be useful in determining how good a match you are for each franchise system that you review. In addition, you can show it to the selection team at the franchisor to gain their concurrence that you will be an asset to their organization. If you’ll be seeking investors or loans, the decision-makers will appreciate your frankness in evaluating you against the franchisor’s criteria for success.

The decisions you make trying to find the best franchise for you are very critical to your future happiness-and financial security. The FranchiseFit Report can help you make the right choice. When you love what you do, when it “feels right,” every day is an exciting opportunity to excel! If you feel out of place, you question your capabilities, you wonder why “you don’t get it,” and then every day is a dreaded experience and it’s almost impossible to achieve your true potential. You have behavioral traits that will make you a “natural” when you find the franchise system that rewards your unique personality mix.

Just as you wouldn’t take a job if you felt you weren’t qualified, you shouldn’t buy a franchise that requires a daily focus on skills that are uncomfortable for you. When you’re sure of the areas where you’ll excel, then you’ll be confident in selecting the system where your talents will be rewarded.

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How long have you been thinking (dreaming) about owning your own business? A year, two, three, five years, ten? What steps have you taken to get you moving?? Are you still just flipping through magazines looking for the perfect match?

Maybe it’s time you took a closer look at yourself and try to use your discovery to find a business venture.

One great way is to determine what the perfect Job Description for you would be. Sit down with a sheet of paper and write down your dream position.

Start with a brief narrative description of the job. List all specific fundamental duties and responsibilities, in order of importance. Add in other duties or responsibilities that may be done infrequently or could be delegated to others as you grow.

Now list features of the working conditions of your dream job. What hours would you work? How many days a week? Where would you work? Indoors/Out? Office, warehouse, store, restaurant? How much travel would be involved? overnight stays? What do you work with? Computers, cash registers, hand tools, heavy machinery? Who do you interact with? Employees, customers, vendors, the franchisor? What would be your pace? Crises and decisions on an hourly basis? daily? weekly? seldom? Other than money, how would you recognize success? (Happy customers? Completion of a project? Praise from the community? Satisfaction of seeing others succeed?)

When you’re done, you’ll be better prepared to expand your search. Now, get on the phone and call some franchisors and review their brochures. How close to your ideal Job Description do you think their franchisees are? Remember, the better matched you are to the position you are asked to fill, the better job you’ll do.

As a “natural,” you’ll enjoy every day and success will come easily to you.

For more on how to understand where you’ll find your greatest success, review these two recent articles written by The Franchise Doctor for BIZ Magazine.

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