Fri, Dec 10, 2010


The ideal gift “For the Person Who Wants Everything:” The Franchise Doctor’s ebook, Insider’s Secrets to Buying a Franchise–at Half Price!!

Readers and critics alike are agreeing that Insider’s Secrets contains information never before found in print. Step-by-step instructions on how to find a franchise that meets your personal and financial needs; dozens of tips on “danger zones;” and a complete guide to preparing your own Franchise Review of your target franchise system which The Franchise Doctor regularly produces for $1,950 each.

If you’ve been postponing your purchase, here’s your chance. Two copies of the ebook, Insider’s Secrets to Buying a Franchise for the price of one!!


We’ll email you your copy of the book with your passwords and give you permission to email a copy to a friend and we’ll set up their passwords for them. If you prefer, we can email your gift ebook directly to your friend and tell them you’ve sent it. We will try to respond to all order requests every 4 hours (8 AM to 8 PM) from now till Christmas. We’ll fill all orders received by 8:00 PM, Atlanta time Christmas Eve (12/24) and resume shipments on the 26th. Remember, all these ebooks are formatted for proper printing by the user.

Hurry, this Special Christmas Gift Sale ends 12/31/10. On our Secure Order Form place the words Holiday Special on the line requesting your Fax Number, the name of the recipient of your gift on the space for “Shipping Name” and their email address where it asks for their “Shipping Address.” If you prefer to forward a copy of the ebook, fill in “I’ll deliver” on the Shipping Address blank. We’ll send you both passwords. You may want to save the file to a disc, wrap it and put it under the tree!

If you choose to have us deliver the ebook, you’ll know when you receive your copy, that your friend has received their’s and you can call or send them a Holiday Greeting of your choosing.

Follow this link to explore Insider’s Secrets further. https://www.franchisedoc.com/insidersbook/InsiderBook.html


Why haven’t you invested in your own franchise yet? Maybe you haven’t discovered the best industry for you. {Might we recommend our ebook, “Insider’s Secrets” above?} Maybe you haven’t amassed the capital you’ll need to get started. {Check some of the ideas at https://www.franchisedoc.com for borrowing the balance needed.}

Have you ever considered a “previously owned” franchise unit? Most of our readers recognize that the benefits of a franchise overwhelm any temptation to start your own independent business. The few negatives of buying a franchise center on finding the best territory or the best site for your unit. The largest issue is often the time your family has to forgo your income as you get the franchise open and reach profitability. Most franchisors suggest that you plan for 6 to12 months before you draw cash out of your new venture. This certainly raises the amount of cash you need to get started and increases the risk (and resulting fear) to making your move.


The Franchise Doctor recognizes your need to maintain a stable income stream as you make the transition into Entrepreneurship. In addition, we recognize that there are thousands of franchise units across America that are no longer meeting the needs of their owners.

For this reason we’re developing another whole segment to our business–helping you find franchise owners who’s goals have changed and now wish to sell their units. We are now counseling owners that are facing an illness, partnership dispute, burnout, or need to relocate to another city on the best way to sell their successful franchise to you! Our service is called the Franchise Resale Program and our new site is https://www.franchisesforsalebyowner.com At this site we’re posting articles especially useful for people considering the purchase or sale of an existing franchise. We also are profiling units whose owners have recognized that “knowledge is power” and are learning from The Franchise Doctor how to price and position their business. When you visit our new site, you’ll discover short profiles of the ventures we’re assisting, listed by state. If you have an interest in learning more about any specific franchise, we’ll request that you sign a non-disclosure agreement–promising not to tell others that the unit is for sale. Then we will forward to you a Marketing Brochure typically containing 15 to 20 pages of details about the history of the franchise unit, it’s local demographics, the motivation for selling and the price and terms established by the seller with The Franchise Doctor’s help. Once the buyer has reviewed this information, we suggest that the seller and buyer meet to “tour” the business and answer questions about how a potential sale might be consummated.

An exciting benefit to both buyers and sellers under this “Coaching Program” is the fact that The Franchise Doctor does not act as a broker in the transaction—thus saving the seller thousands of dollars in costs–that are often passed on to the buyer.

In most cases, our costs (paid by the seller) are only 10% of those charged by business brokers.

Be sure to check out this exciting new concept in franchising. Right now, we have a home-based business that is 14 years old, a regular member of its franchisor’s “President’s Club” for outstanding performance. Because the current owner has inherited income-producing property, the motivation for managing a high-volume franchise is waning. A moderate investment will give you exclusive control of a major portion of one of America’s fastest growing cities–in the Sunbelt!!

You should make this site a “favorite” or “bookmark” it for frequent follow-up until your venture comes along. https://www.franchisesforsalebyowner.com

You may also email us with “requests” for the type of franchise you’re seeking and your city of preference. Then you’ll be “the first to know” when we find your franchise unit.


Entrepreneur Magazine‘s January issue has hit the mailboxes of subscribers. It should be at your local bookstore by Christmas. It’s a great “catalog” of who’s who in franchising and gives you a simple way to compare similar concepts as to number of units, costs, and recent growth rates. The copy and the adds are full of superlatives: “best,” “biggest,” “fastest growing,” “hottest,” “ideal,” “perfect,” “simple,” etc. Remember, these are all sales and marketing hype aimed at the masses. Your situation, your needs, your skills, and, therefore, your best franchise are unique to you. When you’ve finished reading Insider’s Secrets, you’ll understand how to pick the best system for you.


As we pause for the holiday season and we reflect on the past year, I hope you’ll consider setting a Resolution to devote 8 hours a week to investigating a franchise of your own. It’s fun to daydream, set goals and plan for the future, but it takes work to accomplish your goal.

If you’re going to make the big step into entrepreneurship, you need to be prepared. Look at our suggested reading list. (https://www.franchisedoc.com/ReadingList.html)

Visit your library, or a bookstore and find resources to get you prepared. Pay the price, and by this time next year, you’ll be plotting expansion plans for your unit.

“What Color is Your Parachute,” by Richard Bolles, has excellent suggestions on how to determine where you can excel in the business world. Our FranchiseFit Entrepreneurial Report is another tool to help you discover hidden talents on which you can capitalize in your new venture. (https://www.franchisedoc.com/FranFit.html)

Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.

Make next year–YOUR YEAR!!

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