Wed, Aug 25, 2010


It’s easy to get complacent in good times. When companies are fighting for quality employees and few are downsizing, many who dream of owning their own company have chosen to put off the decision-making process. While our web site continues to increase its number of registrations weekly, the number of people actually joining the ranks of the franchisees in America has slowed. Most in our field suggest that no “pressure” on their job stability has caused many to postpone investing in themselves.

However, as Wall Street tumbles and companies begin announcing layoffs, many are looking over their shoulders & renewing their search for the right franchise.

Remember that America’s 550,000 franchised units account for only 5% of all the businesses in the country and yet they represent approximately 50% of all retail and service sales!! When you’re ready to jump-start your income and build a greater net worth, The Franchise Doctor stands ready to help you understand the options available to you.

Many people are always waiting for a milestone: the first of a new year; 20 years with their current company; reaching age 50 or 60; etc. Those of you ready to take action now can beat them to your favorite territory! Now is the time to join in a good market! Recognize that today you can borrow at record low rates. You need to look in the mirror and decide if you’ve “got what it takes” to become an entrepreneur.

“Some men dream of great accomplishments. Others stay awake and achieve them!!”


Preparing for your future: Investing significant sums in a franchise of your own should not be taken lightly. We strongly suggest that you review (print and save) the articles on The Franchise Doctor’s web site. You should also prepare yourself to be a better manager. With this newsletter, we are introducing a new feature to our site:

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