What people say?

In early 2000, after a 15 year learning curve we at Duct Doctor USA believed that we had proven our business model in 7 markets and that it was time to Franchise that model. The second person who came to discuss our project had never actually developed a new concept before and upon leaving I asked him who he knew to be the best for the task. His answer was "there is only one expert and he is right here in Atlanta". That was Jim Deitz of The Franchise Doctor. Jim came in and in short order recognized that we had all the components necessary for Franchising. Long story short...we would not be in the franchise business without Jim Deitz's expert guidance and an excellent Franchise Agreement. I have been recommending him ever since.

Ken Stricklin
President/CEO at Duct Doctor USA
I have worked with Jim and several of his clients in the franchise area. I would highly recommend working with him; either as a client or a colleague. He is highly knowledgeable, very diligent, has tremendous follow through and approaches adversity with an open mind. These solid qualities allow him to get results. I'm looking forward to the next project with Jim.
Rick Batchelor
Co-Founder at Visual Visitor Sales Intelligence Platform
If you are considering franchising your concept, Jim is an excellent choice to guide you through the process. He is very detail oriented, from the initial feasibility study through the last step of getting documents registered. He has a no-nonsense approach, keeping the process simple for you and for your franchise prospects. I highly recommend Jim.
Jackie Adams
CFE, Senior Director Of Operations - New Franchise Development at Floor Coverings International
Jim is an expert franchise consultant. He specializes is developing the documents necessary to begin a new franchise. He consults with clients nationwide in all franchise business areas: viability, marketing plans, buying, selling and expanding to new areas, etc. I have known Jim for over twenty years; if you are in need of franchise expertise and experience, call Jim.
Pete Smith Owner, C&S Associates
Ceo & Founder Crix
I am the previous owner of the Chicago Garagetek franchise which Jim helped us sell several years ago. Jim was a real professional and provided us with great advice. He is a skilled negotiator and was instrumental in not only finding qualified buyers, but in getting the deal closed. I’d recommend The Franchise Doctor to anyone who is considering franchising their company.
Howard Greenberg
General Manager at Edco Supply Corporation